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Nose Cone® Aerodynamics in Action video

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"I love it! I used to be white knuckles when a truck was coming from behind. With the Nose Cone, I hardly feel them pass. "

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Nose Cone® equipped trailers cost a little more at the onset, but cost a lot less to tow. Better road performers and affected less by changes in wind conditions the Nose Cone® allows for a safer, more comfortable drive with better fuel economy.

Flat front trailers dramatically increase the engine load. If the trailer is loaded to the maximum towing capacity, the boxy trailer itself could put the load over capacity increasing strain on the engine, frame and axles.

Don't be fooled by trailer shapes that have the appearance of being aerodynamic. Aerodynamic shaping is not intuitive, it requires rigorous wind tunnel testing to be validated. Nose Cone® has been proven to reduce drag and to substantially increase mileage compared to flat front and v-front trailers.

Nose Cone® will...

Reduce Fuel Consumption by 10% at highway speeds and  by 5%  in the city.

Increase Horsepower on reserve, and extended engine life.

Improve Stability: Enjoy better lane tracking and reduce driver fatigue.

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