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Sleeper Cab

Improved trailer stability and 2-4% fuel savings are the results of adding the Nose Cone® to the trailer front. Even with high roof tractors in front, Nose Cone® saves because the tractor does not keep crosswinds from getting into the gap. As an added bonus, if you decide to stretch out your king pin setting to get a smoother ride, Nose Cone on the trailer will account for a greatly reduced loss in fuel economy. Stretch out, enjoy the ride and keep more money in your pocket.

Mid Roof

Mid roof tractors with Nose Cone® treated trailers make the best aerodynamic combination. Nose Cone® manages the air flow around the trailer the most efficiently across the range of wind conditions. In order to get the best airflow around the trailer, Nose Cone® alone can do the job like no other. Nose Cone® is guaranteed to save 5% in this combination and typically increases mileage by ½ mile per gallon. Trailer stability and more power under windy conditions is the bonus!

Day Cabs

Van trailers pulled by tractors with no roof treatments are prime candidates for the standard 60” tall Nose Cone. Guaranteed to save no less than 5% in fuel if the trailer is on the road at least 30,000 miles per year. Of course the savings depends on the weight of the load. Lightly loaded trailers will begin to save at slower speeds, thus increasing the overall savings. Fully loaded trailers typically save 7-10% at speeds 55 miles per hour or faster. We guarantee 5% savings to cover both types of operators.

Economy Model

Our 10” tall economy model can help in any combination. Rounding out the top rail of the trailer helps keep the airflow down on the roof and as a result saves as much as 2%.

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"I've been driving since 1983 and the Nose Cone was one of the first aerodynamic devices to hit the market, and one of the few that actually performed as advertised. It amazes me how it has stood the test of time and is as effective today as when it was first introduced. "


Henry Albert

Mooresville, NC

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